Sunday, June 28, 2009

My cable company does something (almost) right

You may recall my rant last month about the cable company forcing me to pay even more for sports channels I don't want, just so I could keep Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Well, now I need to thank the cable company for doing something (almost) right.

Flipping channels one recent evening, we discovered that we now receive TCM in high-definition (HD). This was completely unannounced, essentially a stealth "upgrade". I'm very happy to have TCM HD, but why not trumpet this fact? Or at least announce it in a mailing?

Even the TCM website has no info (at least on the homepage) about being available in HD. Granted, the films sampled so far don't appear to be new HD transfers; but the picture quality is improved over the regular TCM channel.

Wouldn't you think that when a company gives its customers something for "free", they would at least alert their customers to it? (I put "free" in quotes in that sentence, because I expect the cable company to force me to pay somehow; if so, a new rant will be warranted.)